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Automation and Controls

UMG offers an extensive range of Best-in-Class flow control and valve automation solutions including:
• Control Valves
• Globe, Angle Ball, Butterfly
• Pneumatic, Electric & Electro-Hydraulic
• General Service & Severe Service
• Smart Positioners & Valvesight Diagnostics including Partial Stroke Tests
• SIL Certified Valves
• On-Off, ESD and Motorized Valves
• Ball Valves Solutions
• Subsea Ball Valves
• Cryogenic Ball Valves
• Split Body Ball Valves
• Floating Ball Valves
• Fully Welded Ball Valves
• Top Entry Ball Valves

UMG’s full service solutions cover all customer flow control requirements including all systems repair services, upgrades and design consultations, and more. UMG and our partners offer the region’s highest-level technical expertise for optimizing plant efficiency and increased reliability.
For prompt response to your inquiry, email us at: Info@UNMGI.com