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Electric Valve Actuator Testing & Repair
Full inspection, testing, repair and documentation of electric valve actuators for on/off and control applications available, both in-shop as well as on-site.  UMG technicians are experts in a wide range of actuator styles and brands, offering full test, repair or replacement of electrical connections, circuit boards, I/O signal wiring, pump controls, and related electronic control systems.  In addition to in-shop, we can also support customer field machining requirements covering actuator & gearbox refurbishment, control enhancement, and turnkey retrofits as required.

UMG supports various actuator types’ requirements including:
• Electric Valve Actuators - high performance double acting and spring return
• Electro/Hydraulic Valve Actuators for Ball, Butterfly, Plug and others (quarter turn movement)
• Gas Valve Actuators
• Gas Over Oil (multi-turn) - On/Off & Control Operation of Gate & Globe Valves
• Butterfly Valves- all brands- Resilient Seated, Triple Offset, high performance, and AWWA

UMG also offers actuator audits, maintenance, retrofit design, installation and commissioning.