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Line & Block Valves
Both in-shop and on-site inspection, testing, repair, documentation, and service of line and block type valves.  Our technicians can manage a wide range of valve styles, including fully testing and repairing stems, bonnet assemblies, seals, balls, handles, seats and contacts, o-rings, and threading.

UMG will professionally service the following line & block valve types:
• Gate Valves- Buttweld End and Pressure Seals
• Globe Valves- all brands- Buttweld, Pressure Seal, Y-Pattern, & Stop Check
• Plug Valves-  all brands- Lubricated & Non-Lubricated
• Ball Valves-  all brands- Truunion, Floating
• Butterfly Valves- all brands- Resilient Seated, Triple Offset, high performance, and AWWA

Our block valve repair features Leak Testing, Runout Testing, Wear Testing, Disk, Contact Checking, Valve Assembly & Reconditioning, Machining, and Inline Diagnostics.